PawPADs Founder and Executive Director, Linda Ball

PawPADs’ Founder and Executive Director, Linda Ball, has spent over 28 years working in the social services and non-profit fields. She is an accomplished non-profit manager and professional dog trainer.

A Minnesota native and a University of Minnesota AlumnusUniversity of MN; Linda holds her M.S. Degree in Experiential Education.

Her education and accomplishments include:
– B.A. Speech Communications (University of Minnesota)
– M.Ed. Experiential Education (University of Minnesota)
– A.S. Assistance Dog Education  (Bergin University of Canine Studies)
– m-MBA, Nonprofit Management  (University of St. Thomas)

– Formerly the Regional Director, GOAL Ireland (an International Aid Organization), in Bosnia, Kosovo and Central America.
– Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Mongolia ’93-’95, and author of the first Mongolian Sign – Language dictionary.
– Presidents “Call To Service” Lifetime Volunteer Service Award.
– Four times trans-continental crossing of the United States by bicycle – raising donations and awareness for cancer research and the Susan G. Komen foundation, the world’s largest breast cancer organization.

In 2005 Linda returned to the United States’ from her GOAL-Ireland posting in Central America with the vision of creating a program utilizing the power of animals to create effective change. Thus was born Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs (PawPADs). Incorporated as a non-profit in 2007, PawPADs started its success on the Oregon Coast and in 2008 Linda brought the program back to her home-state of Minnesota. She is committed to creating life enhancing experiences and partnerships between canines and people facing the many challenges life can present with four paws and a pawsitive perspective!

PawPADs Board of Directors

The Board’s primary responsibility is strategic and financial program oversight, along with fundraising/development activity.
They advise, govern, oversee policy and assist with the leadership and general promotion of PawPADs. They provide resources: financial contributions; contacts; personal,corporate, and community networking; professional in-kind services; and staff and volunteer appreciation. They are volunteers, puppy raisers, public relations experts, financial and business advisors, poop scoopers and dog bathers. Their passion for our mission and personal and collective example is critically important to our success.

Board President – Yvonne Hemze

Project Controller Manager with Deloitte Consulting

“I have been a volunteer with PawPADs since 2011 and I am in my 2nd year as a member of the Board of Directors. I have had the great pleasure to see just how this organization changes lives through their many programs, some of which including working with veterans and youth at risk, as well as the clients with whom our dogs are ultimately placed. PawPADs has touched so many lives in so many different ways thanks to the leadership and vision of Executive Director, Linda Ball. I am so proud to be part of an organization that strives to make the lives of others better, four paws at a time.”

Treasurer – Linda Ball

PawPADs’ Founder and Executive Director

“Working with our service dogs is pure magic: magic, for me, as well as the trainers, volunteers, and puppy raisers who watch the light bulbs light up in a puppy’s mind as they figure out how to open a door, turn on a light or go get help for their partner. The magic of seeing a service dog in-training ‘choose’ it’s partner and the difference it makes in the new partners life”

Secretary – Joan Boone

“I am currently serving as the secretary on the Board of Director’s at PawPADs. My first opportunity as a Board member was to coordinate an appreciation dinner for the ‘backbone’ of the organization: the volunteers. At the event, I was able to meet many of the volunteers and I was amazed at their dedication to the mission of PawPADs – to train service dogs for people with a variety of disabilities. In addition to meeting the volunteers, I have also had the pleasure of meeting clients who now have a service dog and the benefits the dog has brought to their lives. For example, the diabetic alert dogs are able to tell the person when their blood sugar is low, giving the person the chance to check their blood sugar and treat it without having to resort to emergency measures. The dogs accompany the clients everywhere: home, school, work, etc. It is truly amazing what these dogs are capable of, and I am so proud to be a part of this organization!”

Board Member – Alan Tennenholtz

General Manager BellBoy Corporation

“Before accepting a seat on the board of directors, I volunteered at PawPADs for more than 4 years. I initially decided to volunteer to give back and help others, but I immediately fell in love with the mission, philosophy and passion of the volunteers and directors of PawPADs. Year after year I have been committed to give more and more back while gaining much more from the experience than I ever expected.”

Board Member – John Nugent

Driver/Community Ambassador at United Parcel Service (UPS)

“I was a volunteer on a “K9 Kare” team for two years and have been a board member for four months. It has been highly rewarding expanding my role and helping PawPADs meet the needs of our clients, dogs, staff and donors. For dog lovers, I can suggest no more important volunteer opportunity. For potential donors, your money will be wisely used to raise and train wonderful canine partners for our clients. We, dogs and staff, are a big, happy family (I know it is a cliche…but true)….”

Director of Operations – Randy Patrick

Randy is a talented canine trainer and a retired law enforcement officer/narcotics detective. He is a Vietnam-era US Air Force veteran. He comes from a military “Gold Star” family (his Marine brother – his best friend – was killed in Vietnam), and is also the son of WWII P.O.W. In 2005-06 Randy deployed to the volatile Nangarhar province of Afghanistan in support of OEF, as an advisor on a Provincial Resconstruction Team (PRT). He understands – better than most – the challenges and issues facing our veterans and their families. He has experience managing a diverse international work force as a humanitarian agency program coordinator, UN human rights investigations manager, and criminal justice advisor, having lived or worked in Bosnia, Kosovo, Central America, and Afghanistan. He has a BA in Business Administration and an AA in Criminal Justice.

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