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Our Founder and Executive Director, Linda Ball is available for a limited number of live presentations each year.

Since PawPADs was founded, we’ve help create a treasure of inspiring, heart-warming stories.  Linda is a keen storyteller and her education, experiences, and devotion has resulted in a Service Dog organization unlike most others you’ve heard about!

If you’d like Linda or a representative of PawPADs to take part in meeting as a demonstration, trainer, facilitator, or other expert participant, below is some appropriate information to help you out.

Linda’s program is ideal for an audience at any service club organization meeting, relevant higher education class, or educational conference. Participants can hear about the history of PawPADs and the motivation behind the beginning of this amazing organization, learn about the rights and responsibilities of service dog partners and the laws that affect them, and listen to the stories about the life-altering impact this organization has made in the lives of persons with disabilities,  wounded warriors, inmates, students, and diabetics. They can meet one of our service dogs and discover the amazing tasks and skills that lie inside them.

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