December 21st – 12 Days of Comfort and Joy

Day 2 – Rescue Dogs – “Who Rescued Who?”

Image of Wounded warrior Calvin and Barkley

Barkley and Calvin

Remember,  during the “12 Days Of Comfort and Joy” (Dec 20-31, 2016) all donations IN ANY AMOUNT will be matched by the Giant Steps Foundation AND be tax deductible! If you’re inspired, please make a donation today! 

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One of the many things that sets PawPADs apart from many other service dog organizations is our commitment to train one rescue dog for every dog bred for our programs. These rescue dogs may be trained as Service dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, Home helpmates, or simply a well-trained beloved companion. There’s a job for every dog that trots out our doors…even if it is simply to be the best partner and family companion ever!

From wounded warriors to diabetics to at-risk-youth, the dogs we’ve received from shelters, rescue groups, and others have brought incredible comfort and joy to folks in our communities.

Barkley came to PawPADs from the shelter in Sioux Falls, Iowa and was partnered with Sgt. Calvin B. (Ret.) His wife shares the difference this “rescue” dog has made to her husband and family:

“My husband is a wounded warrior…he lost a leg in Afghanistan and struggled with a lot before we got in touch with PawPADs a couple years ago. We were eventually partnered with Barkley just over six months later. Barkley is a dog who was rescued from a shelter and trained in a prison by PawPADs. Barkley changed our lives. There is not a piece of medical equipment on the planet that can do what this dog does for my husband. Barkley has given him a best friend and companion to share not only his struggles and hard times but his successes too. PawPADs has given us something we hadn’t had in a few years and that’s encouragement. Barkley can turn on the lights and pick things up but the best thing he does is watch out for and take care of my husband. The support we have received from PawPADs is beyond anything we have ever known. This is a nonprofit that is not only changing lives but changing the world while helping wounded warriors like my husband…”

Breezy came to PawPADs from a  shelter also. She’s watching out for her partner Anna – a great job for a “rescued” dog!

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