December 26th – Keivan

Day 7 – Tahoe – Bringing comfort and joy to Keivan!

Tahoe and Keivan

Tahoe and Keivan at school

Keivan’s life is challenged by Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a form of muscular dystrophy that is a progressively degenerative neurological disease that is characterized by the loss of of muscle tissue and sensation across various parts of the body. Tahoe has been trained specially to help Keivan in basic daily tasks and and skills as the disease progresses. Tahoe provides balance and security on stairs, can “go get help,” bracing Keivan as he stands, can retrieve things Keivan has dropped or needs, and can even help him get undressed for bed.

Service Dogs lprovide specific services to their partners; providing physical assistance and performing tasks useful to a person with a physical mobility challenge; bringing companionship, psychological, and social benefits. Even better, through partnership with an service dog, people often experience a joy and confidence due to the increased social interaction and independence. One of PawPADs focus’ is training these service dogs for people with physical mobility disabilities.

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