December 27th – 12 Days of Comfort and Joy

Day 8 – Diabetic Alert Dog “Sage” – Bringing comfort and joy to Andre’ and family!

D.A.D.’s like Sage are specifically trained to detect and alert to the changing blood sugar levels (highs and lows) in Type 1 diabetics and are life saving family members! Sage even has his own Facebook page: 

Read what Sage, Andre’ and her husband, Brad, have to say about Sage:

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Sage (Oct 24, 2016 via Facebook – Sage – Diabetic Alert Dog:

It’s a Saturday night and Mom has fallen asleep on the sofa. I’ve taken up residence in my kennel and pop is sleeping in the bedroom. Sometime before midnight I wake from my slumber to a scent I know all to well. I sense a high blood sugar in the air. I awaken and find myself next to mom, and verify that what I think I smell is in fact correct. I find myself now in the bedroom, doing whatever I have too, to wake pop, so that he can come help me help mom. Yep I’m correct and mom’s levels are high. We fix her and we all go back to sleep after I get a super reward for alerting in the middle of the night again.
Just a few short hours later, I again find myself awake and next to mom. I again do my check, and again go wake pop. This time her sugar levels aren’t high anymore they are approaching a low level that I don’t approve of. We suspend mom’s pump and again I get the super reward for alerting at night! We all go back to sleep until morning when things are better for mom and I.
Just another day at the office for this hard workin’ Service Dog! I do love my job and my family”



My diabetic alert dog, Sage is wonderful. Since I have had him, my A-1 C has gone down 1.2 points which is miraculous for me. He has learned to go and get my meter and bring it to me wherever I am, he fits in great at work, great out in the public and fits in with the family like he has always been here. I can’t say enough to PawPADs then THANK YOU so so much for Sage. He is a wonderful wonderful boy who for exceeds my expectations in helping me with my diabetes.”

Brad (Andre’s husband):

It’s hard to describe in words the happiness, the joy, the thankfulness we have for what PawPADs has given us. But because of their efforts we rest a little easier knowing we have a new family member in our home to keep a watchful “nose” on Andre’s well-being. Thank You so much, PawPADs and all your volunteers, because what you do makes a difference.”


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