December 29th – 12 Days of Comfort and Joy

Day 7 – Rio – A Family Affair

Diabetic Alert Dog Rio does double duty: he watches the blood glucose levels for both Jeremy and his son, Thorwald.

“Rio is on 24×7 duty:  Guarding our son Thorwald on the overnight shift, then doing first shift at the office with me.   Rio doesnt complain, he rarely misses an alert, and he’s unendingly persistent.  For three years now, he’s been a part of our family — sometimes over exuberant, sometimes hesitant about a new activity (like climbing a shipboard stairway on the SS Badger).   But he’s a truly indispensable companion.  He’s caught dozens of hypoglycemic incidents before they became too severe.  He’s dragged adults out of bed to fix lows.  He’s caught two vegetable-stealing rabbits in the back yard.

Life is good with Rio, and easier than it was before him.

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