Autism Support Dogs

A well trained, supervised Autism Support Dog (ASD) can be great partner and best buddy for your child! 

We place autism support dogs with children on the autism spectrum on a case-by-case basis –  if we have a dog we feel is suited for this type of work in temperment, work ethic and skill set.  Please keep in mind that since our main empasis is on service dogs and diabetic alert dogs, we cannot determine when this scenario will occur. 

However, when one of our skilled assistance dogs seems to be a good fit for this job, it is specifically matched to meet the unique needs of a family and child – helping create stability and consistency in the child’s life. The dogs behavior can then be shaped to skills that are useful to it’s new partner and family. For example, some families want help contol repetitive behaviors, such as “stemming.” This behavior can be disrupted by the dog perfroming a trained task. 

Other tasks could include tetherng the child, dog, and parent as a team when out in public. In this way, the parent can momentarily do everyday tasks, such as paying a cashier, having confidence that the dog will be there if the child tries to wander off or run away.

Some austistic children show a  greater sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of the dog, and may help open the difficult lines of communciation betwen you and your child.

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Bravo, Bravo“This is an awesome organization run by exceptional people. Our son was matched with a wonderful lab and they are absolute best buds. It has been amazing to watch them grow together. PawPADs helps so many families and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to them. They train amazing pups! ” ~ Allison, whose son is partnered with ASD “Bravo.”
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