At the core of our organization is the belief that working with dogs can provide a therapeutic and life-enhancing experience. PawPADs offers an innovative program suitably named "Project YES!", which reflects our positive training methods as well as our ultimate goals which are to help "youth-at-risk" and individuals with disabilities share in the challenges of facing our world today.

Working in school settings, the youth learn to train service dogs they have the opportunity to develop skills such as emotional and social competence, leadership skills, increased levels of responsibility, empathy and parenting techniques. Equally important, these young people experience unconditional love and the power of giving back to their community.

Project YES! has been modeled after the successful High Schooled Assistance Dog Program developed by Dr. Bonnie Bergen of the Assistance Dog Institute.


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"Our program is made up of male and female students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade who have social-emotional and/or behavioral disabilities. They have more obstacles than their peers and we have always felt they were in need of, “out of the box” support and programming to meet their individual goals in life. Our students quickly became fans of the service animals in-training, that came weekly to our school. I lost count of how many times during the week students would ask “Is it a dog day,” “are the dogs coming Thursday?”
We've seen the students quickly increase motivation and interest in working with PawPADs. They love the fact that they were helping others with dogs that would eventually be placed with someone with a disability. Our students seem more invested in training the dogs “correctly” and show ownership in their work. I have numerous anecdotal stories of student growth as a result in working with their four legged friends. Students improved their frustration tolerance, communication, and teamwork as a result of training the dog’s for a higher purpose."
Holly M. Ryan
School Psychologist

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