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What's a "Career Change Dog?"

Occasionally, we have a dog that is eligible to be ‘re-purposed’ or ‘recycled’ into a new life; "career changed" into a life as a companion with a fur-ever family.

This usually occurs when there is a characteristic in an otherwise incredible canine that makes him/her unsuitable for a life as an assistance dog: health issues (hip dysplasia, allergies, etc), temperament (displaying fear, resource guarding, high prey drive) or simply lacking the desire to perform the tasks asked of it. These dogs are generally 1-2 years old, have been spayed or neutered and are current on all vaccinations. They are still amazing dogs with unique personalities, have received in-depth training and a high degree of socialization. It also occurs, very rarely though , when the human partner's life circumstances drastically and suddenly change and the partnership no longer works or is viable. In these circumstances, prior to making the dog available for adoption to the public, the first choice is to find a new "job" for the dog...a job that it loves and that loves it! 

They will be fabulous pets for homes that are looking for a canine companion and we seek to place these dogs with local (Minnesota) families.

If you are interested in adopting any of these great dogs, check out the "Career Change Dogs Information Sheet" and "Career Change Dog Application" at the listed links.

Available Dogs


Hi, my name is Daisy! I am a Labrador Retriever x Australian Shepherd mix and I joined PawPADs from Midwest Animal Rescue after making the long trip from Missouri to Minnesota in Fall, 2022! I spent Spring semester in the ADEPT college program and I gave it my all, but being a service dog isn’t my thing! I know basic cues such as sit, down, wait, leave it, retrievals, get your leash, etc.

I recently turned one year old and people tell me that I am the cutest girl they’ve ever seen. I’m compact and would be a wonderful companion on your lap! I only weigh 39 lbs. Everyone thinks it’s really funny when I “sploot” and lay like a frog – I just think it’s comfy!  Oh, and I love to snuggle!

I’m healthy, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and housebroken. I love playing with toys and chewing on bones.

Click here to get my full bio.

Daisy’s Adoption Fee: $500