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In-Kind Donations


A shining example of in-kind goods and services support is "Lakeville Family Pet Clinic," located at 17510 Dodd Boulevard Lakeville, MN 55044. By providing some free or discounted veterinary services to PawPADs, they're actively helping us achieve our mission!  Dr. Shannon Kennelly, Dr. Kate Brakefield, Dr. Erin Flath, and the entire team at Lakeville Family Pet Clinic to provide top quality care & service to pets and their owners in the Dakota County area. They are dedicated to treating & caring for your pets with compassion & tender care...and they hit that target every time.

Visit their website at

Thank you, Lakeville Family Pet Clinic!

In-kind donations are those made in goods and services rather than money and are just as valuable, if not more so, in some instances. These contributions enable us to accomplish our goal of offering a helping paw to those in need.

PawPADs is grateful for and happy to consider any offer of an in-kind donation!

The most obvious one would be the services of a professional: veterinarian services, book keeping, legal services, grant writing, carpentry, painting, plumbing, or any other trade for the repairing and maintenance of the PawPADs campus and the dogs.

Other ways you can help out:

  • Print our NEEDS LIST then check with your neighbors, garage sales, employers, family and friends and see if you can help meet those needs in-kind donations such as kennels, dog food (ask us what our terrific canines eat), wheelchairs,  etc.
  • Check our our "Wish" list and provide needed supplies directly to the dogs.

For more information on donating goods and services to PawPADs, please e-mail us HERE or call us at (612) 643-5671