Who We Are

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Our Mission

We facilitate the power of the human-canine bond, and enhance the lives of others, through the process of training assistance dogs and the outcome of placing them with people with disabilities.

Our Strategy

We accomplish this through educational and vocational training programs which offers opportunities for students, prison inmates, veterans, and others to train the assistance dogs for placement.

Our Vision

To enable persons with disabilities to lead more independent, self-reliant, and fulfilling lives with the assistance of a canine partner.

PawPADs At A Glance

  • Our Mission:
    Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs facilitates the power of the human-canine bond, and enhances the lives of others, through the process of training assistance dogs and the outcome of placing them with people with disabilities.

  • Overview:

Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Lakeville, Minnesota, whose programs are fully focused on facilitating a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between humans and dogs.

PawPADs has distinguished itself from the typical assistance dog organizations through the use of a holistic, educational and individualized model – the dogs have an impact on many different lives through the journey of training.

PawPADs does not play the typical “numbers game” – the program isn’t about bringing on the largest number of dogs and pushing them out at the end but about the lives impacted throughout the process and the placement.

  • Our Vision:
    Our vision is to be an organization that others look to as a model for facilitating the healing powers of animals and, at the same time, enhancing lives through partnership with amazing dogs.

  • Our Values:

The values which guide our work include:

- Positive energy and respect towards people and animals
- Innovation, accountability and transparency for our actions
- Teamwork and good communication
- Honesty, integrity and fairness
- Professionalism balanced with humor
- Responsibility/dependability
- Valuing input from participants, partner organizations, donors and clients

  • Training Methodology:
    PawPADs is an advocate of scientific based, force-free, positive reinforcement-based training. We believe it’s important to develop deep relationships with each dog and respect, and work with, their individuality.
  • Programs and Services We Offer:
    - ADEPT™ - Assistance Dog Education Program & Training (College Students)
    - Partner Training Camp (Placement)
    - Project YES! (youth at-risk)
    - Paw Corps (veterans)
    - Prison Road Puppies Program (inmates)
    - PawPADs International

The PawPADs Difference

Responsible Fiscal Accountability.

PawPADs meets all twenty-seven of the Charities Review Council’s Accountability Standards and was awarded the “Meets Standards” seal.

The Charities Review Council vets nonprofit organizations in four areas:

Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity, and Fundraising.

Their robust review works to ensure that an organization’s operations, structure and policies meet widely accepted standards for accountability and transparency. The awarded “Meets Standards” seal shows our commitment to accountable and ethical practices.

Positive Training Methods.

PawPADs uses only positive reinforcement to shape behaviors into tasks useful to human partners. Our goal is to provide our clients with happy, emotionally balanced, confident dogs that trust and want to be with them. The infliction of pain, intimidation, and domination has no place in our training programs at any time.

Innovative Training Programs.

Programs designed to create powerful, life-enhancing experiences through working with dogs – as the very act of working with, being around and training these dogs can be therapeutic and life-altering in profound ways.

Animal Rescue.

Our goal is to train one rescue dog for every dog bred for our programs. These rescue dogs may be trained as Service dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, Home helpmates, or simply a well trained companion animal. There’s a job for every dog that trots out our doors…even if it is simply to be the best partner and family companion ever!

Environmental Impact.

From our geo-thermal heating/cooling at our training center to making our events as “green” as we can to re-purposing items into other useful items, PawPADs is committed to minimizing our impact on our fragile earth in every way we can.

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