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Facility Dogs

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At the core of our organization is the belief that living with and  working with dogs can provide a therapeutic and life-enhancing experience.

Studies have shown that the simple act of petting an animal lowers blood pressure and encourages well-being.

Through cooperation or partership with schools, facilities and organizations (such as veterans homes) students, staff, and residents get to experience the unconditional love and acceptance from the dogs and to practice appropriate social behaviors and skills – while the dogs get to practice their own social behaviors and service dog tasks. It has become an important part of many individuals therapy and lives, as well as a critical part of the dogs’ training regimen.

Our dogs have attended funerals, travelled to Newtown, Ct to work with victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, counseling sessions, crises situations, and more. The dogs, with no agenda, offer unconditional understanding as well as the
ability to “sit” and listen when necessary. 

If you’re interested in seeing what a Facility Dog can do for the lives of those in your school, veterans home, group home, or other organization, contact us and we’ll share the details of how to make this happen!